Tips for registering your forum account

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Tips for registering your forum account

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This is just a quick update to the thread on a different forum. Originally this was started to make it easier to start a forum account, and to keep the spammers out. All account registrations are looked at with human eyes, and any registration that lists d-rugs, s-ex, por-no-graphy, ponzi schemes, etc. or websites about any of those things anywhere is not activated. Not surprisingly the spammers have gotten smarter about what they put on their registrations. Now many spammers are not putting anything but an e-mail address into their registration. This is sort of a Trojan Horse. Once the account is activated, then they will put up their postings until they are caught and the account is deleted.

This new spamming technique has caused us to re-iterate our request that any new accounts list something about:

military history
miniatures gaming
military modeling
model railroading

Please list these things somewhere in your profile. This will let us know that you are actually a legitimate forum user.

We have had some complaints lately about the length of time that it takes to activate a forum account. If one of those items listed above is included, it will usually take about one day to have your account activated. We are erring on the safe side to keep the spammers out. We have had a relatively spam-free period for the last year, but it is only because we have been very vigilant about keeping the spammers out. If you do not add an interest in something relating to GHQ products, your account is not deleted, but it is not activated. Often times we have had someone ask us why their account has not been activated, and when we look into the matter we see that there is nothing related to GHQ products listed in their profile. After receiveing their e-mail we can see that they are legitimate, and we activate the account.

Please keep in mind that we are doing this to make our forum a much more enjoyable place for all of you to stop by and see what's going on. Please help us out, and have some patience if your account isn't activated right away.

Thank you all for making this such a valuable place for new and experienced gamers/modelers to come and exchange information.


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