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Re: Consolidated Micronaut Wish List

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Microsoft Wish List Highlights, 2023-09-22
The noted changes are from the 2021-07-15 summary (which was after the 2021-2022 schedule announcements).

Total number of items receiving at least one vote: 4265 (up from 4237).

Most popular item: WWII era UK light cruisers Scylla and Charybdis, with 43 votes. This replaces WWII era Germany MTB S-100 type Schnellboote (E-boats), with 47 votes, and WWII Japan destroyer Akatsuki-class, 43 votes, both of which have been or are scheduled to be produced by GHQ.

By era:

Most popular Napoleonic era product: brass etched ratlines for 1st, 3rd, and 5th rates (9 votes each, unchanged)
Most popular Napoleonic era ship type: UK 44-gun razée Indefatigable (originally 64-gun Ardent class) (7 votes, unchanged)

Most popular Era-of-Steam ship: Greece steam frigate Kateria (6 votes, unchanged)

Most popular ironclad era ship: Confederate States casemate ironclad ram Virginia (ex-USS steam frigate Merrimack) (4 votes, unchanged).

Most popular pre-Dreadnought era ship: Germany light cruiser Gazelle-class (29 votes, unchanged)

Most popular WWI era ship: UK destroyer “L” class (ex-Laforey-class), 3-funnel (28 votes, unchanged)

Most popular WWII era ship: Most popular item: WWII era UK light cruisers Scylla and Charybdis, with 43 votes replacing WWII era Germany MTB S-100 type Schnellboote (E-boats), with 47 votes which has been produced by GHQ.

Most popular early Cold War era ship: Soviet light cruiser Sverdlov (Project 68 bis) class (37 votes, unchanged).

Most popular late Cold War era item: Soviet missile patrol boat Tarantul III (Project 1241.MR)-class (20 votes, unchanged).

Most popular post-Cold War era item: China corvette Type 056 (Jiangdao, Xinyang)-class (19 votes, unchanged).

Most popular post-Organian Treaty era ship: tie between UFP star cruiser Constitution (NCC1700) class and Klingon battlecruiser D-7 type (1 vote each, unchanged)

Most-popular item, by nation:

Argentina: late-Cold War era Malvinas/Falklands aircraft (13 votes, unchanged)

Australia: post-Cold War era patrol boat Armidale-class (12 votes, unchanged), replacing post-Cold War era frigate ANZAC-class (8 votes), which is scheduled to be produced by GHQ.

Austria-Hungary: WWI era battleship ersatz Monarch (Improved Tegetthoff, battleship VIII)-design (8 votes, unchanged)

Bangladesh: post-Cold War era patrol vessel Shadhinota-class (4 votes, unchanged)

Belgium: WWII era gunboat Artevelde (1 vote, unchanged)

Brazil: WWI era battleship Minas Gerais-class (8 votes, unchanged)

Bulgaria: WWI era torpedo boat Drski-class (3 votes, unchanged)

Canada: early Cold War era destroyer St. Laurent-class, helicopter modification (15 votes, unchanged)

Chile: WWI era battleship Almirante Latorre class (7 votes, unchanged)

China: post-Cold War era corvette Type 056 (Jiangdao, Xinyang)-class (19 votes, unchanged)

Colombia: WWII era destroyer Vouga class (3 votes, unchanged)

Confederate States of America: Ironclad era casemate ironclad ram Virginia (4 votes, unchanged)

Cuba: WWI era gunboat Cuba (2 votes, unchanged)

Czechoslovakia: tie between WWII era river gunboat OMm35 type and WWII era river gunboat President Masaryk (1 vote each, unchanged)

Denmark: tie between WWII era coastal battleship Niels Juel (aka Niels Iuel), 1936 refit and WWII frigate Iver Huitfeldt-class (5 votes each; each unchanged)

Egypt: tie among WWII era motor gunboat Al Sarea, WWII motor gunboat Darfeel type, WWII gunboat El Amir Forouq, WWII motor gunboat Raqib type, and late Cold War guided missile patrol boat Ramadon-class (1 vote each, unchanged)

Eire: tie between WWII era fisheries protection ship Fort Rannoch and WWI era motor torpedo boat M1 type (1 vote each, unchanged)

Estonia: WWII era gunboat Pikkeri (2 votes, unchanged)

Finland: WWII era coast defense ship Väinämoinen-class (8 votes, unchanged)

France: WWII era torpedo boat La Melpomene-class (29 votes, up from 27 votes), replacing WWII era destroyer Vauquelin-class (28 votes).

Germany: WWII era aircraft pack 2(Bf 109, Bf 110, Do24, Fw 190, Ju 88, He 111, He115, and/or He177), 37 votes, replacing WWII era Schnellboote, S-100 type (47 votes), which has been produced by GHQ.

Greece: Era-of-Steam steam frigate Kateria (6 votes, unchanged).

Hungary: tie among WWII era river gunboat Godolo, WWII era river gunboat Kecskemet, and WWII era river gunboat Sopron (1 vote each, unchanged)

Iceland: tie among WWII era fisheries protection ships Aegir, Esja, Odinn, Sudin, and Thor (1 vote each, unchanged)

India: tie between post-Cold War era aircraft carrier Vikramaditya and post-cold war frigate Talwar-class (13 votes each; each unchanged)

Israel: tie between early Cold War missile boat Sa’ar 3-class and late Cold War missile boat Sa’ar 4 (Reshef)-class (3 votes each, each unchanged)

Italy: WWII era destroyer Folgore-class (31 votes, unchanged)

Japan: WWII era late-war carrier-based aircraft (Aichi B7A Ryusei [Grace], Mitsubishi Reppu [Sam], Nakajima C6N5 Saiun [Myrt], Yokosuka D4Y3 Susei [Judy]) 34 votes, up from33 votes, replacing WWII era destroyer Akatsuki-class (42 votes, scheduled for production by GHQ)

Klingon: post-Organian Treaty battlecruiser D-7 class (1 vote, unchanged)

Korea, People’s Republic of (North): late-Cold War era frigate Najin-class (12 votes, unchanged)

Korea, Republic of (South): post-Cold War era corvette Gimcheon (Pohang Flight III, IV and V)-class (15 votes, unchanged)

Latvia: tie between WWII era minesweeper Imanta class and WWII era submarine Ronis class (1 vote each, unchanged)

Manchukuo: tie between WWII era river gunboats Shun Tien and Ting Pien (2 votes each, each unchanged)

Mexico: tie between pre-Dreadnaught era gunboat Nicholas Bravo and WWII era gunboat Durango (2 votes each, unchanged)

NATO: post-Cold War destroyer "CNGF" Fr. "Horizon" (Forbin-class), It. "Orizzonte" (Andrea Doria-class) (17 votes, up from 16 votes)

Netherlands: tie between WWII-era battlecruiser 1047-design and WWII era destroyer Isaac Sweers, as completed in England with AA armament (8 votes each; each unchanged)

New Zealand: WWII-era trawler Kiwi-class (2 votes, new)

Nigeria: post-Cold War patrol craft Centenary-class (4 votes, unchanged)

Norway: WWII era torpedo boat Sleipner-class (7 votes, unchanged)

Panama: WWII era commercial transport El Capitan (3 votes, unchanged)

Paraguay: WWII era river gunboat Paraguay-class (1 vote, unchanged)

Persia/Iran: post-Cold War era frigate Moudge-class (7 votes, unchanged)

Peru: late Cold War era patrol vessel Velarde (PR-72P)-class (3 votes, unchanged)

Poland: late Cold War era landing ship Ropucha-class (12 votes, unchanged)

Portugal: WWII era destroyer Dao class (3 votes, unchanged)

Romania: WWII era destroyer Mărăşti class (4 votes, unchanged)

Russia/Soviet Union/Russia: early Cold War cruiser Sverdlov (Project 68 bis)-class (37 votes, unchanged)

Siam/Thailand: WWII era torpedo boat Puket-class (4 votes, unchanged)

Singapore: late Cold War patrol craft Victory-class (4 votes, unchanged)

South Africa: post-Cold War era frigate MEKO 200 class (5 votes, unchanged)

Spain: pre-Dreadnought era armored cruiser Infanta Maria Teresa class (7 votes, unchanged)

Sweden: WWII era coastal battleship Sverige-class (1939 reconstruction) (7 votes, unchanged)

Taiwan: Post-Cold War era patrol craft Tuo Chang-class (10 votes, unchanged)

Turkey: WWI era light cruiser Midilii, 1917 rearmament (10 votes, unchanged)

UFP: Post-Organian Treaty star cruiser Constitution (NCC-1700) class (1 vote, unchanged)

UK: WWII era light cruisers Scylla and Charybdis (43 votes, up from 41 votes)

Uruguay: tie among WWI era gunboat 18 du Julio, WWI era gunboat Uruguay, and WWII era motor gunboat Paysandu class (1 vote each, unchanged)

USA: tie between WWII era fast attack transport Charles Lawrence (APD 37) or Crosley (APD 87)-class and early Cold War destroyer Gearing-class, FRAM I conversion (33 votes each, up from 32 votes)

Venezuela: post-Cold War corvette Guaiqueri-class (8 votes, unchanged)

Vietnam: post-Cold War frigate Dinh Tien Hoang (HQ-011) class [Russian Gepard 3.9 (Project 1166.1E)] (5 votes, unchanged)

Yugoslavia: WWII era destroyer Dubrovnik (8 votes, unchanged)

Most popular item, by type:

Aircraft carrier: WWII USA light carrier Saipan (CVL 48)-class (29 votes, unchanged)

Battleship / battlecruiser / armored cruiser: WWII era UK battleship Malaya, 1936-1942 appearance (21 votes, up from19 votes) replacing WWII era France battleship Courbet, as in 1940 (20 votes)

Cruiser: WWII era UK light cruisers Scylla and Charybdis (41 votes, up from 40 votes)

Destroyer: WWII era UK War Emergency Classes S, T, U, V, and W (40 votes, unchanged) replacing WWII era Japan Akatsuki-class (42 votes, scheduled for production by GHQ)

Escort: WWII era UK V&W-class long-range escort conversions (39 votes, unchanged)

Submarine: WWII era Italy 600-ton type (19 votes, unchanged)

Amphibious: WWII era US fast attack transport Charles Lawrence (APD 37) class (32 votes, unchanged)

Auxiliary: WWII era USA repair ship Vestal (AR 4), as at Pearl Harbor (17 votes, unchanged)

Small craft: WWII era Italy MTB MAS500type (20 votes, unchanged), replacing WWII era Germany Schnellboote, S-100 type (47 votes, produced by GHQ)

Aircraft: WWII-era UK Fleet Air Arm aircraft (Blackburn Skua, Fairey Albacore, Fairey Firefly, Fairey Fulmar, Gloster Sea Gladiator, and/or Hawker Sea Hurricane) (39 votes, unchanged)

Commercial / civilian: WWII era USA civil cargo ship C3-S-A2 type (13 votes, unchanged).

Sailing ships: UK 44-gun razée Indefatigable (originally 64-gun Ardent class) (7 votes, unchanged)

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Re: Consolidated Micronaut Wish List

Post by Donald M Scheef »

Micronaut Wish List Summary

This posting separates the various eras, with the number of ships listed in each era based (approximately) on GHQ’s recent output of models. The sequence is:
• Post-Cold War: top 25
• Cold War: top 15
• WWII: top 25
• WWI: top 20
• Pre-Dreadnought and earlier steam: top 10
• Pre-steam: top 5
There may be more than the specified number of ships listed because of ties. The sequence within each era is based on number of “votes,” country, and name.

Because of the length of the total list (about 4275 different items), the posted summary includes only those items for which there are enough votes to meet the above criteria. This reduces the posted list to 115 items. For the current rate at which GHQ is producing new Micronauts, it would take more than eight years to produce just these models.

For those of you who do not see items for which you have voted, I continue to track all the votes. If an item gets additional votes to raise the total to the “top 100”, it will reappear on the posted summary. Feel free to inquire in the forum or by private message about any specific item(s) not appearing in the posted summary.

I will attempt to update this summary occasionally. As of 2023-09-25, the summary is:

For Post-Cold War:
• 19 votes - China corvette Type 056 (Jiangdao, Xinyang (信阳))-class
• 19 votes - France aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle (R 91)
• 18 votes - USN aircraft (CH-53K King Stallion, EA-18G Growler, FA-18E/F Super Hornet, F-35C Lightning II, P-8 Poseidon)
• 17 votes - NATO destroyer CNGF [Horizon/Orizzonte] (France, Forbin; Italy, Andrea Doria)-class
• 16 votes - France frigate La Fayette-class (Saudi Arabia, Al Riyadh; Singapore, Formidable; Taiwan, Kang Ding) subclasses
• 15 votes - Korea corvette Gimcheon (김천시) (Pohang Flight III, IV, and V)-class
• 13 votes - France frigate Aquitaine-class, ASW variant (NATO FREMM)
• 13 votes - India frigate Talwar-class
• 13 votes - India aircraft carrier Vikramaditya (modified Soviet Kiev-class)
• 12 votes - China destroyer Type 051C (Luzhou, Shenyang (沈阳))-class
• 12 votes - Italy frigate Bergamini-class (NATO-FREMM, general-purpose variant)
• 12 votes – USA cruiser Belknap (CG 26)-class, after refit with Phalanx and Harpoon
• 11 votes - Canada frigate City (Halifax)-class
• 11 votes - China destroyer Type 052 (Luhu, Harbin (哈尔滨))-class
• 11 votes - France frigate Alsace-class (NATO FREMM, air-defense variant)
• 11 votes - Italy frigate Fasau-class (NATO-FREMM, ASW variant)
• 11 votes - Japan destroyer Asahi (25 DD)-class
• 11 votes - Republic of Korea destroyer King Sejong the Great (KD-3)-class
• 11 votes – USA frigate Constellation (FFG-62) design (FREMM basis)
• 10 votes - China fast attack craft Type 022 (Houbei)-class)
• 10 votes - China destroyer Type 051B (Luhai, Shenzhen (深圳))
• 10 votes - China destroyer Type 052B (Luyang I, Guangzhou (廣州)-class
• 10 votes - India aircraft carrier Vikrant design
• 10 votes - Taiwan patrol boat Tuo Chiang-class
• 10 votes - USA destroyer Arleigh Burke flight IIA (DDG 79 & 80) group
• 10 votes – USA landing ship Harper’s Ferry (LSD-49)-class

For Cold War:
• 37 votes - Soviet cruiser Sverdlov (Свердлов, Project 68 bis)-class
• 33 votes - USA destroyer Gearing, FRAM I conversion
• 20 votes - Soviet corvette Tarantul III Mod (Project 1241.1MR)-class
• 20 votes - USA carrier aircraft, Korean War (Douglas AD Skyraider, Grumman F9F Panther, McDonnell F2H Banshee, Piasecki HUP Retriever, Sikorski H-5 Dragonfly, Vought F4U-5 / AU-1 Corsair)
• 18 votes - USA aircraft carrier Midway (CV 41)-class, SCB-110 (angled deck) reconstruction
• 17 votes - Soviet missile corvette Tarantul III (project 1241.1M)-class
• 17 votes - USA aircraft carrier Forrestal (CV 59)-class, after 1965 reconstruction
• 16 votes - UK frigate Leander-class, Batch 2 Exocet conversion
• 16 votes - USA aircraft carrier Forrestal (CV 59)-class, as originally built
• 16 votes - USA cruiser Virginia (CGN 38)-class
• 15 votes - Canada destroyer St. Laurent-class, helicopter conversion
• 15 votes - USA cruiser Leahy (CG16)-class, after 1981 refit
• 14 votes- Soviet missile boat Osa II (Project 205U)-type
• 14 votes - UK landing ship Fearless (L10)-class, as built
• 14 votes - USA carrier-based attack aircraft (A-1 Skyraider, A-3 Skywarrior, A-4 Skyhawk, A-5 Vigilante, A-7 Corsair II)
• 14 votes – USA landing ship Austin (LPD 4)-class
• 14 votes - USA aircraft carrier Enterprise (CVAN 65), as-built
• 14 votes - USA aircraft carrier Kitty Hawk (CVA 63)-class

• 44 votes - UK light cruisers Scylla & Charybdis
• 40 votes - UK destroyer War Emergency-classes “S”, “T”, “U”, “V”, and “W”
• 39 votes - UK Fleet Air Arm aircraft (Blackburn Skua, Fairey Albacore, Fairey Barracuda, Fairey Firefly, Fairey Fulmar, Gloster Sea Gladiator, and/or Hawker Sea Hurricane)
• 39 votes - UK destroyer “V” & “W”-classes, long-range escort conversions
• 37 votes - Germany aircraft pack 2 (Bf 109, Bf 110, Fw 190, He 111, He 115, He 177, Ju 88, Ju 188, and/or Me 410)
• 34 votes - Japan late-war carrier-based aircraft (Aichi B7A Ryusei [Grace], Kawanishi N1K3-A Shiden [George], Mitsubishi A7M Reppu [Sam], Nakajima C6N Saiun [Myrt], and/or Yokosuka D4Y3 [Judy])
• 33 votes - UK destroyer War Emergency-classes “Q” and “R”
• 33 votes - USA fast attack transport Charles Lawrence (APD 37) or Crosley (APD 87)-class
• 32 votes - UK light cruiser ‘modified Colony’-class
• 31 votes - Italy destroyer Folgore-class
• 31 votes - UK destroyer War Emergency-classes “O” and “P” with 4” guns
• 31 votes - USA heavy cruiser Indianapolis (CA 35), late-war appearance
• 30 votes - UK destroyer War Emergency-classes “Z” and “Ca”
• 30 votes - USA light cruiser Worcester (CL 144)-class
• 29 votes - France torpedo boat La Melpomene-class
• 29 votes - UK light cruiser Coventry/Curlew, anti-aircraft conversion
• 29 votes - USA light aircraft carrier Saipan (CVL 48)-class
• 28 votes - France destroyer Vauquelin-class
• 27 votes - Japan destroyer Shimakaze
• 25 votes - Italy torpedo boat Spica-class
• 25 votes - UK heavy cruiser London class (except modified London)
• 25 votes - USA medium bomber and attack aircraft (A-20, A-26, B-25 H or J, B-26)
• 24 votes – Germany amphibious craft (F-lighters, Marinefahrprahm, Siebel ferry, Pioneerlandunboote, etc.)
• 24 votes- Japan heavy cruiser Maya, late-war appearance
• 24 votes – UK aircraft carrier Indomitable
• 24 votes – UK heavy cruisers Kent & Australia, early-war appearance

For WWI:
• 28 votes - WWI UK destroyer “L”-class (ex-Laforey-class), 3-funnel
• 25 votes - WWI UK destroyer Admiralty “S”-class
• 25 votes- WWI UK destroyer leader Marksman-class
• 24 votes - WWI Germany destroyer G85 through G95
• 24 votes - WWI UK destroyer leader Faulknor-class
• 22 votes -WWI UK light cruiser Blonde-class
• 21 votes- WWI UK light cruiser “C”-class, Caledon group
• 21 votes - WWI UK destroyer Talisman-class
• 20 votes - WWI Germany destroyer G101 through G104
• 20 votes - WWI UK minelayer Abdiel (converted Marksman leader)
• 19 votes – UK battlecruiser Renown-class
• 16 votes – USA aircraft carrier Langley (CV 1)
• 15 votes - USA battlecruiser Lexington (CC 1) design
• 14 votes - Germany Zeppelin (LZ 62 type or LZ 102 type)
• 14 votes – Italy battleship Dante Alighieri
• 14 votes - UK battleship Lord Nelson-class
• 14 votes - UK destroyer tender Oak
• 14 votes - USA battleship South Dakota (BB 49) design
• 13 votes – France armored cruiser Edgar Quinet-class
• 12 votes – Germany light cruiser Graudenz-class
• 12 votes – USA battleship New Mexico (BB 40)-class

For pre-Dreadnought steam ships:
• 29 votes - Germany light cruiser Gazelle-class
• 14 votes - Japanese battleship Mikasa (三笠)
• 13 votes - Germany armored cruiser Roon-class
• 13 votes - UK armored cruiser Cressy-class
• 12 votes - USA protected cruiser Olympia (C 6)
• 11 votes - France battleship Liberté-class
• 10 votes - Japan armored cruiser Kasuga (春日)
• 10 votes – Japan armored cruiser Nisshin (日進)
• 9 votes - France armored cruiser Jeanne d’Arc
• 9 votes - Japan battleship Asahi (朝日)
• 9 votes - Japan battleship Fuji (富士)-class
• 9 votes - US armored cruiser Brooklyn (ACR 3)
• 9 votes - US battleship Indiana (BB 1)-class
• 9 votes - US battleship Iowa (BB 4)
• 9 votes - US armored cruiser New York (ACR 2)

For pre-steam ships:
• 9 votes - Generic brass etched ratlines
• 7 votes - UK 44 (razée) Indefatigable (ex-Ardent-class 64)
• 5 votes - Generic collier
• 4 votes - UK 44 (razée) Anson, Magnanime (ex-Intrepid-class 64)
• 3 votes - UK whaler New Britain type
• 3 votes - USA sixth rate Bon Homme Richard (ex-French East Indiaman Duc du Duras)

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Re: Consolidated Micronaut Wish List

Post by Shark73 »

I would love to see China destroyer Type 052DL, which is the newer lengthened verion of 052D, with a total of 4 meters extra to its hangar together with the helicopter deck at the stern of the ship. That converts to 2mm more in 1:2400 scale which is noticible. Also a major difference is the long-range alert radar in the middle of the hull. There are 12 ships of the class and more to come so there's potential for a bulk buy for collectors like me.

I would also suggest a new cast for the early two China Project 956E (ex- Sovremenny-class) after mid-life upgrade. The 2x4 3M80E Moskit anti-ship missiles are replaced by 2x4 YJ-12A supersonic missiles and the two launchers for 48 SA-N-12 SAMs replaced by 4 sets of 8-cell VLS. That will be a great set together with the two Taizhou Project 956EM. BTW, the 3D 'Top Steer' air search radar that GHQ provided on Project 956EM is quite outdated as it should be Type 382 (aka Top Plate) installed on all four Chinese Sovremenny-class.

Lately, there are more AOL micronauts from GHQ, I would love to see China Type 903 (2 in class) and Type 903A (7 in class) which are the workhorses in PLAN and can be seen in most naval exercises and eastern Africa anti-piracy missions. Type 901 is also a great companion for the carrier force with currently 2 and more planned.

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