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The Commonwealth of Chrisdom

Posted: Sat Jan 02, 2016 6:15 am
by chrisswim
Greeting from The Commonwealth of Chrisdom, a/k/a The Chrisdom Commonwealth. We are located in the western half of the Med. with several island and island chains, a few states in Africa and in Europe between Italy, France and Switzerland.
We formative legacy is English, then French, then Italian, then Morocco, then Lybia and France, then the Gauls, Romans, Alexander the Great, then Normans, the Vikings, the Zulus even. We are well edumucated, Our citizens speak several different languages as national educational requirement: English, French, Italian, Spanish, and Arabic.

We produce a lot of computer chips from the sands in Morodom and Tunisdom for AMD and Intel. We are heavey in shipbuilding and repair, usually non-military. We are military equipment dealer/broker for many and many transactions on an annual basis. We buy, sell on consignment, refurbish and upgrade equipment. 2 dozen defense firms have facilities in the Commonwealth. We sub-lease bases to several foreign military organizations.

Currently in inventory for sale are the following: 58 A-4, of which 24 are able to deliver special weapons, refueling probe attached. A-7, A-6, F-111, EA-6, F-8, Harriers, B-52s, Vulcan bombers, and Valkerie bombers, Tornado, F-105, F100. We have several Mig models available: 17, 19,21,23, 25, 29. Some are in limited quantities such as Valkerie, Vulcan and B-52 bombers. We have in domain several other models under contract for your selection to meet your defense needs. We also have vehicles available. We have parts available and maintenance training programs customize to your needs.
Ask for specific quotes, Confidential transaction and process. Payment in multiple currencies available.
Our financial industry is able to handle all your commercial banking and financing needs. Will syndicate, consult and underwrite your offering. All major global financial firms have a presence in Chrisdom.

Sale of A-4

Posted: Sat Jan 02, 2016 5:42 pm
by chrisswim
Chrisdom Aerospace announces the sale of 36 A-4 aircraft, along with training equipment including flight simulators or a country in the Indian Ocean. Delivery expected in within 2 months. On going maintenance contract, including parts, systems, etc. are included in the agreement.

Posted: Sat Jan 16, 2016 12:23 pm
by 7.62

Re: The Commonwealth of Chrisdom

Posted: Sat Jan 16, 2016 1:22 pm
by AllenRockwell
chrisswim wrote:We are well edumucated...
That had me laughing my ** CENSORED ** off.

Posted: Sat Jan 16, 2016 4:59 pm
by chrisswim
We are reporting the MV Horton is in port off loading, expect to start the loading process very soon. We have some refugees wanting to work in some of the ports, making egress/ingress more difficult to the facilities.
2. Report that some ships loaded with heavy equipment are proceeding east to the Eastern Med with some construction, farming and some light military equipment along with spare parts, also razor wire and fences. Which is unusual.....

New Flash CCNN

Posted: Sun Jan 17, 2016 10:19 pm
by chrisswim
Report from CCNN (Commonwealth of Chrisdom News Network.....
....Group of Moroccodom former military and militia conduct terrorist attacks in Europe.
This coincides with local militia groups in Moroccodom (formerly Morocco) marching, looting and burning Commonwealth buildings, conducting some assassinations of government officials. Several National Guard & Reserve bases, command centers have been taken over by the independent terrorist. One large base near the political capital Rabat and Casablanca. The southern territory has significant looting, chaos in larger cities and townships.
Also, the Moroccodom purchase officers where negotiating the purchase of several ships for the defense of the Commonwealth, which had it gone through could have strain cash flow. The naval vessels are the former: USS Nautilus, the first nuclear submarine; the USS Richard Burton, a retired ice breaker ship, (why is one needed in the med?) he former USS Saratoga, a retired aircraft carrier). According to Finance officials, the Richard Burton, the ice breaker caught eye of a former Naval officer in the Royal Commonwealth of Chrisdom Navy (RCCN), stating that we do not need an ice breaker in the Med., it would serve no useful purpose, it is an old ship that would cost more than to have one designed, manufactured, and outfitted. The carrier, USS Saratoga also caught the eye of finance officials with its price tag above the $10B level that Royal Governors, Senior purchase agents and finance administrators are permitted to approve.
The Moroccian separatist, want to re-establish the Kingdom of Morocco as an independent state, even though there is not any blood line descendants that are living. The Army Lt. General, Creekstand Fransua, is making a bid with leading the coup to separate and be independent. He has promised to close the Med, certain the Straight of Gilbraltor to all sea and air traffic, affecting over 20% of the worlds international commerce and trade. All RCCN anti-ship missile systems are being accounted for and prepared for transport to the Southern Chrisdom and or Manocodom.
The separatist rebels have commandeered The M47E2, and AMX30B2 that were stationed locally. Some fighter and attack aircraft may be in the hand of this local separatist group. There has been some fighting among of the Moroccodom patrol vessels crewed by loyalist and some where separatist are in control.
Tunisdom is of concern, could there be a separatist element in that state.
The CCNN will keep you up to date on the latest breaking news.
John Swiftian reporting.

Posted: Fri Jan 22, 2016 7:03 am
by 7.62

Posted: Sat Jan 23, 2016 5:30 am
by chrisswim
Long Live the Commonwealth!!!
Civilian deaths are moderate in the City of Casablanca, burning and looting are excessive. Take over of Mech Infantry Group armory outside of Casablanca. Outside of the the State capital of Moroccodom, Rabat, General Fransua and his supporters have executed all officers that did not swear an oath to him. In turn all militia armories have been completely compromised and have equipped the militia. The armored units have started to separate and deploy. As that was occurring Commonwealth Harriers from Canberra Class LHD bombed tanking in the assembly area and moving in convoy. A-4s attacked ammo facilities, F-4 flew ACAP, A-7s attacked arty sites.
The Moroccian junta reports that 12 attack planes were shot down, capturing 8 pilots. The Commonwealth does not have any comment. CNN from Spain reports that two planes, an A-7 and an A-4 crashed in the Med. CNN reports that 3 planes landing in Spain loaded with munitions, one was trailing black smoke. The 3 military air bases were bombed in the sequence of attacks. 2 F-8 rose to meet the attack force, shooting down 2 attack planes, although they were both down one over the Med, the other just north of Rabat. The pilot is reported to have parachuted and landed safely.
British drones from Gibraltar are flying over Moroccodom regularly, the junta has demanded the these drone flights cease immediately.

Posted: Sat Jan 23, 2016 9:01 am
by chrisswim
FOX New, AP, UPI joint report.
In Tunisdom, some independent minded military leaders have executed other military officers, and apparently lead some of the tribal militia groups to take over military air base. It is reported by Sarah Pallan that the Commonwealth flew in several flights of C-130 and other transport plains bring in Commonwealth soldiers.
Short firefights broke out with those participating in the junta vs. those loyal to the Commonwealth. There is not a leader with the charisma as General Fransua in Moroccodom to stir up the soldiers.
Back in Moroccodaom, all anti-ship missiles have been removed from the state or destroyed, a few being driven into the Atlantic Ocean or the Med. Libya is supporting the junta in both Morocco and Tunisa (A/K/A Tunisdom). They are assembling their military forces on a call up. Deploying the rapid reaction force and transports along the border and moving aircraft and helos to nearby airfields.
There have been some clashes of armor and infantry in Tunisdom, the junta seems to be losing some steam and falling apart. In some cases, justice is swift. Garbage trucks are working extended time picking up the 'dead trash'.
British, French and US Navy ships in the area along with a few Russian warships in a task force are standing by to assist civilians in these two state of Chrisdom and protect the nationals of their respective countries, especially those Envoy and Consulate staff.

Posted: Sun Jan 24, 2016 6:28 am
by chrisswim
CCNN reports that the RCCN CCS Lafayette SSBN did not return to bases on Sardina. The RCC Navy HQ released a stated that it was re tasked to the west coast of Moroccodom near Casablanca on patrol. The CCS Sardina (formerly SSBN Ben Franklin) did deploy although it patrol area is suspected to have changed to the Med. These submarines acquired from the US Navy over 2 decades ago were refitted with cruise missiles for land attack targets. They are armed with torpedoes and AS missiles. The CCS Sturgeon is set to deploy from Iberiandom within hours. It is believed to move south across the Med to Rabat for patrol duties.
Attacks were made by 8 F-111 from Manacodom, escorted by F-16 A fighters. A-4 again attack, 2 more A-4 were seen returning to base within minutes of departure, one is believed to have landed on the municipal airport at southern island of the Babaric chain of Islands. In attacks today in the military base outside Rabat, Lt. General Franusa's son is reported to have been killed by explosions in the command center. There is no confirmation on this. It is also reported that 5 A-4 and 2 F-4 of the junta stationed the Rabat airbase had earlier attacked the main airfield on Iberiandom peninsular. 2 A-4 are reported to have been shot down, both being captured. One with serious injuries. Mirage III sortie launched at the same time was carrying an Exocet missile and 33 minutes later an Egyptian freighter made distress call , reporting damage and fighting a fire until they had to abandon ship. Oasis Lines reported that Lloyd's of London is the insurance carrier for the ship and cargo.
The soccer match between Spain and Portugal is still planned to this evening at 8pm in Madrid.

MV Horton transits Gibraltar, Large Air Strike on Rebels

Posted: Fri Feb 05, 2016 8:49 am
by chrisswim
CNN Report with the Wolf
The MV Horton passed through the Straight of Gibraltar a few days ago. It is reported by French News that it left port in the Capital of Monaco after several days longer than expected. The reason given was some problems with the engine and turbines. As it left port it was moving at 8 knots because of the issue with the engines. Also the conflict in Morrocodom and the Coup by General Fransua, the Balzac leadership was concerned and considered routing the MV Horton around the continent of Africa. The ship along with many other hugged the coast of Spain through Gibraltar.
The Commonwealth was able to deploy 3 B-52Gs with other air support in an attack on the General Headquarters outside Casablanca. It is reported that one B-52 dropped it iron bombs in the med and returned to base while two continued on with the mission. It is reported that over 100 soldiers and perhaps some civilians support General Fransua died in the attacks along with several hundred wounded. It is expected that these numbers will increase in the coming days. The attacks coincided with hundreds of ships entering and exiting the Med through Gibraltar.
The MV Horton was riding extremely low in the water, supposedly because of food stuffs on board. Yet the MV Horton is a ship built for transport of equipment, autos, Heavy military equipment, etc. Yet, the opposition leader in Parliament said that we do only ship equipment, we also supply foodstuffs, and other commodities that people need.
A spokesman, that has connections to Putinville, reported that some military equipment is on the MV Horton to support the CFL, the rebel group that is wanting to over-throw Camastan crooked government.
**CCNN reported the sale of several hundred military vehicles to various countries around the world. Also reported is the purchase of 100 Rooikat Tank Destroyers armed with 105 rifled M68(AKA L7) guns.
**CCNN also reports that the turmoil in Tunisdom has calmed significantly. Order is being restored in the larger cities. There is still active rebels groups attacking and killing, which seems to be mostly revenge killing and hoodlums.
More news later as reports come in.
"This is the Wolf on CNN.

Posted: Sun Feb 07, 2016 11:23 am
by 7.62

Posted: Mon Feb 08, 2016 4:29 am
by paul
Reporting problem with Wolf, as usual. Enemies losses to the air attack are only two and civilian losses over 300. Chrisdom pilots are ordered back to trainer room. Microsoft announces increased Xbox licenses to Chrisdom. PNN reports the Chrisdom pilots will be using the latest version of Call of Duty and not the release from 2008.

Posted: Sat Feb 13, 2016 6:48 am
by nashorn88

A freighter belonging to the RDDTMIAT Corp has apparently struck a mime near the shores of Chirsdom.
The freighter seems dead in the water but there are reports the crew is frantically trying to tro frantically trying to stop the flooding.

Posted: Sat Feb 13, 2016 8:25 am
by Donald M. Scheef
I have this horrible picture in my mind of Marcel Marceau being run down by a freighter.
Don S.