GHQ almost lost a customer

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Re: GHQ almost lost a customer

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From Nashorn - color=#FFFF00] saw that your place sold for almost 1.9M last year.[/color]

YEEKS!! When I first brought the house I expected to spend the rest of my life in it. By the late 80s, though, I knew that I would have to leave it behind some day. Along with the house, I lost my car, our bank accounts (she already had all the money, so that was little loss), and most of the furniture I got from my mother. Did get to keep my miniatures, which was more important. When my kids sold the house, my son was against it because he thought it was worth more than they were offered, but he was outvoted by his sisters. Sounds like he may have been right.

I remember Franciscan Hobbies well; started going there in the late fifties, walking down from S F J.C. after classes. Gunther ran it at that time; his kids eventually took over later. Don't remember D&J hobbies by name, though. "Sheldon" sounds familiar, but I don't remember details. There used to be a hobby shop - Johns Hobbies, I think - out on Noriega St., around 47th Ave, but it was long gone by the time I left. John (and my father) were both HO guage RR nuts. John would buy the latest Japanese brass compound locomotive, paint it up in original colors, & put it on his own layout. After a while, he'd sell it to my father at a reduced price. I hoped to buy one of them from dad's wife after he died, but she sold them before I asked. I myself still have several old, old HO guage locomotives in pot metal (I always loved superdetailing them, but never finished one), but haven't even opened the box they're stored in for decades.

Over the years I've had many hobbies; tropical fish, butterflies, beanie babies (came in real useful when one daughter needed gifts to encourage her grammar school class to study harder), and miniatures. I've collected & painted D&D figures; Star Trek, Babylon 5 and other space ships; GHQ Napoleonic ships (never put together or painted a'one), GHQ airplanes (ditto), dinosaurs, and dragons, among other things. There used to be a hobby shop down the peninsula in the city south of San Carlos, as I remember. It was in a shopping center on El Camino Real. They had EVERYTHING! I got my start with D&D and Micronauts there. They were serious religious people, and one day I went down there to buy some more D&D, only to find out that they had disposed of EVERYTHING connected with D&D - miniatures, games, rule books, etc. - on the grounds that those promoted Satanism,witchcraft, black magic, voodooism, etc. I thought that was overdoing things, so I put a hex on them. The next time I went down there, probably looking for the newest Micronauts, they were gone. (That'll show them to cross me!)

I'm actually a Micronaut collector now; I've thought of adding some tracks to my collections, but am getting too old to start something new. I haven't brought any since COVID, because I've been ill (NOT COVID, though). Anyway, GHQ almost never puts out what I want. I think the Boss tells his people; "Check Mikee's want list & make sure none of our new products are on his list!."



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