Q-37 Radar

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Q-37 Radar

Post by nash88 »

Sorry for the delay but I was on a a cruise and forgot my mouse. Took forever to make using a mouse pad. But here it is and I made the generator truck that seem to go along with it. Don't really know much about the unit but if you see any mistakes let me know and I can change it. Its base only from pics I found online.

ImageIMG_5222 by nashorn88, on Flickr

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Re: Q-37 Radar

Post by panzergator »

Oh-KAY! THAT is VERY NICE WORK! Especially like the 5 ton.
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Re: Q-37 Radar

Post by redleg »

YES YES YES!!!! That is glorious! Nash, you are by far the greatest......wait, did you say you designed this while you were on a cruise?

It's spectacular! Are you ready to mass produce them?
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Re: Q-37 Radar

Post by pmskaar »

NIce work, Nashorn!

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Re: Q-37 Radar

Post by chrisswim »

Nice creation, looks great.

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