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Re: Micronaut Only Thread

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Evening all,

I am posting this because I am looking forward to collecting 1.2400 scale warships. I served in the USN 2000-2004 as did my father in Vietnam and my grandfather in WW2. I will not bore you all of that but my family has been in the USN since the ACW. this is my plan and I am so looking forward to it:

Collect: all of the classes Ships my father refueled while on board the USS Kawishiwi (AO-146). Just because!!

I am currently in the preliminary design stage of a diorama with the USS Kawishiwi refueling the USS Hancock ( angled deck) and a Cruiser. I may do the USS New Jersey ( Iowa Class) BB but the USS Kawishiwi never refueled her in the 1970 cruise.

I am also designing the Battle Groups for the USS Truman ( I served on her 2003 cruise)

here is interesting part:

I am also going to design a diorama of the Battle Group for the USS Roosevelt 2003 cruise. ( My brother-in-law was on board and on the horizon during my deployment) We did not know each other at the time.

my plan is to incase everything in epoxy,

thanks for taking the time to read. First time post. I will be making a Build thread to document all of this.

G Hines

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Re: Micronaut Only Thread

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Moving this up in anticipation of Don's return and adding an updated Consolidated Micronaut Wish List.
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