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Re: Micronaut Only Thread

Post by BurtWolf »

So is there one definitive or authoritative text that gives you the order of battle for the Pacific war engagements? Assuming the official history‘s have it, but is there a go to source beyond that the people use? Just curious for when and if I get into micronauts.

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Re: Micronaut Only Thread

Post by Beagle »

I generally refer to Samuel Eliot Morison’s History of United States Naval Operations in WWII. Those books give a pretty in depth breakdown, in an easy format, and even though the whole series is 15 volumes, it’s broken down nicely to specific time periods or engagements per volume, so you could just get the book that applies to your needs. Oh and he covers all combatants with his breakdowns.

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Re: Micronaut Only Thread

Post by ww2navyguy »

For Orders of Battle, I like navweaps.com. At this website, there is a tab you click for the orders of battle that covers multiple eras including WW2 and breaks down to different theaters of operation too.

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